Escape Rooms

music masterpiece

music masterpiece

Your band has written a #1 Hit, but you lost the lyrics.  You have one hour to find the missing masterpiece and get to the recording studio.  Hustle, your producer has other artists ready to steal you spot and record deal.

time warp


Centuries of secrets and decades of deception. Unlock the mysteries of our past before its too late. Your group is trapped in a Time Warp and have one hour to get back to the present or be history. Good luck.


hall of fame

Greatness comes when you are the best. Does your group have what it takes to be inducted into the Hall of Fame? Show off your athletic prowess and sports knowledge and set the room record. Remember, if you’re not first, your last! Let the games begin.

room information

Accessibility: Escape Salisbury escape room is located on the 3rd floor with stairwell access only. 

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