FunFull Members


  1. Go to Funfull App and select Escape Salisbury from Unlimited Locations and “Check In” all members participating in the escape room.
  2. You will received an e-ticket in the APP. Find the Ticket Number on each e-Ticket you received. The Ticket Number will be 6 digits beginning with FF and will be unique for each participant. This Ticket Number will serve as your “discount” Code during checkout..
  3. Complete registration on During CHECKOUT enter the Code. Each Code is valid for
    only one entry.
  4. MULTIPLE CODES: If redeeming multiple codes, you must book each participant separately. Multiple codes cannot be applied during CHECKOUT.
  5. Pay any remaining balance for all participants not Funfull members.


You must book an escape room and utilize Codes the same day e-tickets are received (Same day you Check-in on Funfull App). However, the booking does not need to be for the same day you Check-In.

Example: You check-In on Funfull App today. You then must book an escape room today using the e-tickets,
however, your may select a room date/time for the following Thursday.


E-tickets may only be redeemed for bookings on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

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